Tanzanian envoy lauds loving, risk taking attitudes of Nigerians

Dr Benson Bana, the Tanzanian High Commissioner to Nigeria on Thursday described Nigerians as loving and God-fearing individuals who love to take risk in their quests to be successful.

Bana made the assertion when he paid an appreciation visit to founders of Goge Africa in Lagos, as he rounds off his diplomatic mission in Nigeria.

He said that Nigerians could also be perceived as peace-loving, highly enterprising and hardworking.

“Nigerians are loving people, they think big and love to take risks. I love Nigerians because they love to invest in human capital and they are God-fearing.

“On Fridays, you will see the Muslims always doing their prayers and on Sundays, you will see the Christians going to worship their God in Church.

“This is the experience I am taking home, the larger part of the Nigerian population truly fears God and worships Him. This is the reason, the nation is great, regardless of pockets of irregularities.

“Indeed, Nigeria is the role model for all other African nations,” he said.

The high commissioner disclosed that his favourite Nigerian cuisines are the Nigerian special Jollof rice, yam and the local fisherman soup.

He said Nigerians are usually perceived wrongly from a distance, but his impression about Nigerians changed upon his arrival four years ago.

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