President Nigerian Women In MICE, Hajia Bilqis Abdul Congratulates Gov Ododo

President, of Nigerian Women in MICE, Hajia Bilqis Abdul has sent a congratulatory message to the brand new Governor of Kogi State Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, over his victory at the poll

In a letter made available to press men in Abuja, Hajia Bilqis Abdul, former President, of the National Association of Tour Operators in Nigeria, NATOP who is also the Chief Executive Officer, of Bboog Travels and Tours Abuja pointed out that the emergence of Alhaji Ododo as the Governor of Kogi State is the manifestation of goodwill and mercy on the State of Kogi and her indigenes by the almighty Allah, the most beneficient and the merciful.

Hajia Abdul noted ‘It is the wish of Almighty Allah, who appoints whoever he wishes at his own time and period that you Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo should navigate the ship of our dearest Kogi State for the next four years successfully ‘

Hajia Abdul pointed out in her letter that ‘ This momentous occasion marks a significant step forward for you Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo and the people of Kogi State. With a strong commitment to progress and a clear vision for development, this election victory underscores the faith and trust that the citizens of Kogi State have placed you as a capable and visionary leader who will take Kogi State beyond the imagination of many ‘

She noted ‘ Your victory at the poll was a testimony to the unshaken trust reposed in you by the people of the state who believe you will invest your wealth of experience, your cosmopolitan outlook and your high worth network at building the tourism potentialities of the State’

Hajia Abdul pointed out that ‘ Our State Kogi is naturally a paragon of tourism which earned her as the “Confluence State. She possesses immense untapped potential in the tourism sector. Nestled between the Niger and Benue rivers, the state boasts breathtaking landscapes, historical landmarks, vibrant cultural heritage, and unmatched hospitality
She said ‘ As the new Governor, you have a remarkable opportunity to unlock and harness the tourism potentialities of Kogi State for economic development, job creation, empowerment, and revenue generation”

Hajia Abdul said ‘ Mr. Governor, it is Allah that blessed us in Kogi with a lot of wonderful sites, from the awe-inspiring splendor of the Confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue to the natural wonders of Mount Patti and the Confluence Beach which enable Kogi State to offer unique attractions that leave visitors in awe. ‘
She pointed out: Moreover, the state is home to intriguing historical sites such as the Lord Lugard Residence and the Lokoja Prison, which have the potential to become major tourist destinations

Hajia Abdul said ‘ Going by your proactive pedigree and quality leadership content, I am sure Kogi will experience a robust focus on infrastructure development, promotion of cultural festivals, and the creation of tourism-friendly policies that will attract domestic and international visitors.
The growth of the tourism sector in Kogi State will not only create employment opportunities but also contribute significantly to the economic development of the state.

Hajia Abdul revealed that Nigerian Women in MICE recognizes the importance of nurturing and promoting local tourism. We are committed to supporting you in this endeavor through technological advancements, data-driven insights, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Together, we can elevate Kogi State’s tourism industry to new heights and showcase its splendors to the world.

She said ‘ We wholeheartedly congratulate you Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo once again on this remarkable achievement. We have every confidence that under your leadership, Kogi State will flourish as a premier tourist destination in Nigeria.
We urge the citizens of Kogi State to rally behind our new Governor and actively participate in this journey of progress and prosperity.
Bravo Kogi State. Congratulations, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo.

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