Jehovah’s Witnesses End Their Exercise Patience Convention in Kwali Abuja

As Jehovah’s Witnesses conclude the 2023 convention series entitled “Exersice Patience,” Achibong Ebiti of the Nigerian Branch has enjoined delegates to wear Patience as a garment by continuing to apply what was learnt at the convention.

According to him,although the convention has been concluded, but the effort to apply the virtue of Patience must continue as it would foster better relationships at home, in school, in the neighbourhood, and in the congregation.

On his part, the Convention Chairman, Sylvanus Awu said this year’s theme was apt as patience is required in all our endeavours.

Also speaking, Femi Akinlade, Spokesman for the Convention said in Kwali convention center, which is just one of the 39 centres in the country, about 26, 000 delegates attended the convention series and over 500 got baptized, formally becoming members of the Organization.


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