Adeboye on the throne! Olugbon is a stupid king?

Response to My Lord Spiritual, Debo Adeniran who could not see the wisdom in the act of Oba Shola Alao, the Olugbon of Ile Igbon who offered his throne in the palace as a seat to the visiting General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Sir! I differ.
Olugbon has proved to the world that he is truly Olugbon.
Sir the institution of kingship is traceable to the Bible. Sorry sir. Going by the Biblical story, men were ruled by the Clerics before the rebellion of ‘ Give us a king,”
Sir that seat originally was owned and occupied by a theocratic regime. It is one of the reasons that the caveat My Lord Spiritual and Temporal came into use.
I am not a Christian but we all believe that there is no King as God. Hence, the throne of any king is of the Lord. Thus if a reasonable Lord Temporal offered his seat to the Lord Spiritual. There is no offense committed.

In this, Sir, I am with the Olugbon who has truly showcased to the whole world that he is a wise king. An entity and person of wisdom, knowledge, and deep reasoning.
Hence, he responsibly and reasonably allowed the Lord Spiritual to have his way. He never allowed folie de grandeur, the stupidity of greatness to becloud his sense of reasoning to give honor to whom it is due.
The Lord Spiritual is above the Lord Temporal.
I bow for Olugbon’s wisdom.
Great Oba. Long he lives
He cleverly doubled the greatness and blessing of his kingdom
My Lord Spiritual. This is my opinion and my perspective.
I remember you teaching and telling me not to ever hide my view when we were in the Coven at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo.
Olugbon is an Ologbon. Not an omugo.
God bless him.
Great you Sir
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