CEO Nico: A Task Master or Servant?

By Farouk Ahmed.

On January 12th, the Minister of Arts, Culture and Creative economy, Hannatu Musa Musawa, swept away all the heads of agencies under her ministry in a fanciful and administrative illiteracy which has exposed and fueled her lack of understanding of her assignment.

To show her selfish intentions for the sector which was largely seen by the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the new oil economy, Hannatu’s peevishness and pettiness re- echoed through her appointees, most who lack knowledge of the sector and therefore, had taken to show their mysterious leprosy hands without waiting for their letters of appointment.

If you say that most of them are desperate , naive, and intemperate, you could possibly win an Olympic prize in predictive science . A certain Gbenga Ajiboye who was pencilled down by Hannatu Musa Musawa to take over the affairs of Nigeria cultural training institute, National Institute for Cultural Orientation ( NICO) is alleged to have brazenly went to ” his new office “, intimidated the staff, cornered the Executive Secretary’ s official vehicle and the next day in the most brazen show of power and authority, commandeered all operational vehicles of the agency meant for field work into his personal convoy.

According to inside industry sources, the “new Executive Secretary” ” was alleged to have boasted before the directors and staff of Nico , that he is a tested politician who has the ears of President Ahmed Tinubu hence would run the place as a ” president” and task master.

And to further show his” political connection and desperation, the “new president of Nico”, threatened to abolish Nico culture training school affiliated with Nassarawa state University, and to close down the systemic national operational reach of the agency across the six political zones, thus heading for a consequential confrontation with state governors in Nigeria who believe that the zonal structure of the culture Orientation and education agency are beneficial to their people.

To worsen his desperation, Ajiboye allegedly visits Nico Abuja office daily, bragging to take Nico to greater heights without taking a detailed understanding of the operational mandate of the critical training culture agency around the country, but groudstands around television stations in the country where his only understanding of Nico is to inform astonished viewers that he is the special anointed candidate for Nico by President Bola Ahmed.

The loquacious”new Nico President” Ajiboye was also alleged not to even credit his principal, Hannatu Musa Musawa, in all his public appreances as his ” protege” preferring to drop the president’s name for full effect.

Our sources further stated that when information about his arbitrariness and commotion got to the powers that be, who has taken to full measure to study if there were administrative infractions in the ministry’s hasty decisions, a call was allegedly put to Gbenga Ajiboye to stop parading himself and harassing Nico staff as the new ceo until he is officially given a letter of appointment.

Though Ajiboye was alleged to have speedily returned the vehicles of Nico, which he conscripted forcefully as personal convoy, our sources disclosed that the “new desperate ceo” and task master of nico allegedly brought a serving senator to the Abuja office of agency last week for a photo session to show that he has ears of the Senate to abuse extant protocol expectations when federal appointments are made.

Indeed, the culture ministry headed by Hannatu Musa Musawa has become the latest laughing stock of the industry as the operators believe she does not have the capacity to deliver on the president’s cultural deliverables. Many people believe she is grandstanding and craving for cheap attention for personal glory against the clear cut desire of the government to make significant economic inroads with the culture and creative economy.

Since her appointment seven months ago, controversies have tailed her like a grave yard shadow, belittling her choice as minister of the federal Republic of Nigeria by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who wanted a strong strategic thinker to create jobs and empower the Nigerian young persons through culture and creative economy.

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