It’s Yinka Folami, Chi Umeasiegbu, all the way at NANTA Election

By Frank Meke

It is classico of an election. The 48th Annual General Meeting of National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (Nanta) was filled with excitement, near fainting shows of grit and force. Give it to nanta youths, particularly the pretty ladies in nanta. They were the solid rock. At 3 p.m., the permutations were ongoing, almost unending.

At the time of this report, the counting is still ongoing. Pastor Chinyere Umeasiegbu is the dark horse, firm, determined, and trusting in her God. She overcame her male opponent by 119 to 118 to clinch the first ever female first deputy president of nanta. The hall erupted into jubilation. The opposition to her ambition was solid hard and can be seen from the closeness to the rubbicon, but her faith, her humility, and service to nanta counted. Stories behind her emergence is coming.

Yinka Folami, aka professor, is the new nanta president, and please don’t let me share the story now. But let me announce the score line: Yinka Folami hit the goal post with about 283 goals against Daisi Olotu 155. Next? Nanta moves, and the business won.

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