New NANTA President ! I don’t pray for your success

By Wale Ojo- Lanre Esq

Mr Yinka Folami.
Though I am not happy that you won the election there is nothing I can do about that.
The great members of NANTA have spoken.
The majority has carried the day.
Though I don’t pray for your success, however,I owe it a duty to write you this letter not to rejoice with you but to release to you my innermost concern for the Association which some of us have contributed immeasurably to its emergence as one of the strong pillars of tourism in Nigeria.

I know this letter finds you in utmost good form rejoicing over your success at the election the fact that you triumphed over your adversaries and the fact that you put those of us who interrogated your fitness for the post to shame

However, I don’t see your recent election as the President of the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies (NANTA) as the moment where the beauty stopped, rather I see it as an honor and a national call to address the disequilibrium that has retarded the growth of NANTA beyond this level

I appreciate the fair and democratic election process that resulted in your assumption of this great position despite the adverse prayers from some of us.

However, I must candidly admit that I was one of the individuals who opposed your election bid. I believe that the association must have a President who can unite the diverse voices and perspectives within our community.
In light of this, I kindly request you to take the necessary steps to convince those of us who initially had reservations about your suitability for this esteemed post.

Here are a few suggestions to help bridge the gap if you think they are worthwhile.

Open Dialogue and Communication Channels: Make a concerted effort to engage with members who initially opposed your election. Organize town hall meetings, open forums, or regular communication channels to foster open and constructive discussions. Encourage transparency, actively listen to concerns, and address them with honesty and integrity.

Focus on Inclusivity and Collaboration: Emphasize the importance of inclusivity and foster a collaborative environment within NANTA. Promote teamwork, value all members’ contributions, and ensure that decisions are made collectively after considering diverse perspectives.

Clear and Consistent Communication: Communicate your vision, goals, and plans for NANTA’s future effectively and clearly. Issue regular updates, newsletters, or reports highlighting the progress made and the impact it has had on our association. Provide opportunities for open feedback and suggestions from all members.

Lead by Example: Demonstrate your commitment to the principles of fairness, transparency, and accountability. Uphold the highest ethical standards and encourage others to follow suit. Lead by example to foster a positive and inclusive organizational culture.

Results-Oriented Approach: Showcase tangible outcomes and achievements that benefit NANTA members as a whole. Illustrate how your leadership positively impacts the travel agencies, the industry, and the community at large. Highlight success stories and provide data-based evidence of the value you bring to the position.

Create an atmosphere that will make members believe in the potential for positive change and growth under your leadership.
Let them see your ability to inspire confidence, build bridges, and address the concerns of those who initially opposed your election.
By implementing the above suggestions, I am confident that you will be able to convince us of your fitness for the post and demonstrate your dedication to serving the interests of all NANTA members.

I look forward to witnessing the positive impact you will make as President and hope that NANTA will flourish under your guidance

Yours sincerely,
Amb Wale Ojo- Lanre Esq

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