River Park Estate Residents Cry To IGP, Wike Over Killing Of Members Over Illegal Demolition

Residents of the CRD Lugbe 1 Layout stormed River Park Estate, Abuja have cried to both Inspector General of Police the minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr Nyesom Wike over the killing of two residents during the illegal demolition by some persons.

Last week, it was reported that Paul Odili, the so called owner of the River Park Estate, Airport Road brought some trackors against the court injunction and the intervention of National Assembly stormed the place demolished some house.

In the process, while the residents were trying to prevent such moves, the security operatives opened fire on and killed while several other sustained injuries.

The matter was brought to the National Assembly where all the warriñg partied were invited by the House Representative Committee on Public

 Petition, FCDA management appeared and denied their involvement in what the Paul Odili was. Doing at the River Park Estate but Odili failed to appear, I stead he sent lawyer.

Despite the injunction by the court, the took to themselves stormed the place and demolished properties belonging to some individual.

 It would be recalled that the residents who have been running battle with Paul Odili , the so called owner of River Park Estate , Airport Road, the case is still pending therefore, FCDA which is party to the case can not come and give notice for the demolition.

The residents expressed concern that this ugly development is another attempt by Paul Odili to forcibly grab their lands in connivance with some faceless elements in the Fcda. 

The ownership of the disputed land has been the subject matter of several litigations with the courts ruling in favor of the residents. 

Worried by the embarrassing behaviour of the so call owner of the estate, the residing judge took it upon himself to visit the disputed land ordering River Park to stop encroachment of the layout. 

Mr Odili, over the years, had ignored the court orders and constructed all sorts of fences  and harassing residents. 

Some residents accosted the so-called officials of fcda to identify themselves but they could not. 

A look at the demolition notice revealed that the signatories did not indicate their names and notices are not addressed properly. 

These discrepancies reinforce the belief of the residents that these fellows are mobilized by River Park Estate owner to do his bidding. 

This type of illegally should not be allowed in any democracy. The government should intervene in the matter with a view to calling Mr Odili to order, that he should wait for determination of the case. 

The residents also advised general public to be wary of the land they are buying because Mr Odili had already sold the land in the estate to some personal legitimately and Court ruling attested to this fact.

The residents of the estate however, appealed to the minister to intervene by calling some individual in the FCDA that were backing Mr Odili to order or at best set up a panel to investigate the matter before it degenerated to a public disorder.

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