Tricycle owners frown at proposed ban of tricycles in Abuja

By Sarauniya Usman, Abuja

The Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria (TOAN), has on Monday frowned at the proposed ban of tricycle operators from entering into the major parts of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The operators led by their National President, Mr Augustine Apeh made this known in a news conference in Abuja.
According to him, it was unfair that the government of the FCT wanted to deprive many Nigerians who use this means to meet their daily of their livelihood.

Apeh said what the FCT administration was planning to do was wrong, he said the business in Abuja feeds over 40 people including mechanics, dealers and the forcaniser
“This action of FCTA is going to render these people jobless, this action is going to create more unemployment in the country.

“Some of those who found themselves in this business came from far and wide, most from troubled states that have security issues from banditry and bokoharan.
“We know what is happening in states, Abuja residents are crying of no jobs you can imagines what is happening in the states.

He said most of them were fortunate to find these jobs and government that was supposed to create a favourable environment for them to thrive now wants to stop their flow of income.

This Apeh said was unacceptable to the owners of the business who had suffered to put the business together and called on the FCT administration to give a better orientation to their officers who come to estort from the riders.
He added that the entire budget of the FCDA was not enough to buy the `keke’ that ply the streets of Abuja.

Chief Welfare Officer, FCT Commercial Tricycle and Motocycles Owners and Riders Association (NACTOMRAS), Mr Thomas Danjuma, on his part called on the FCDA to show a human face in the ban of the riders.

He said government should think of better ways of controlling the group’s activities that would benefit both the owners and the government since they are helping to solve the issue of unemployment in the territory.

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