Reps Minority Caucus Urges Selflessness, Patriotism at Eid el Kabir

The Minority Caucus in the House of Representatives rejoices with Muslim faithful and indeed all Nigerians on the occasion of Eid el Kabir celebration.

The caucus urges leaders across the tiers, arms and sectors of governance across the country to use the occasion to shed all selfish and narrow-minded interests and commit to a life of patriotism and selflessness for the good and welfare of all.

Eid el Kabir, no doubt, teaches us, as leaders and a people, that with faith in God, selflessness, honesty and transparency, particularly on the part of elected leaders in pursuing the good of all, our nation will overcome all her challenges.

The caucus is however saddened that many families are currently hurting and unable to meet their desires for the celebration due to the agonizing economic and security situation in the country at the moment.

Nevertheless, the Minority Caucus urges Nigerians to brace up, unite, support and encourage one another at this critical time.

The caucus further calls on the people not to lose sight of need for vigilance as they celebrate.

Our caucus remains committed to our determination in standing for the people at all times as we also wish all Nigerians a happy Eid el Kabir celebration.

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