Ex-Oyo ALGON boss declared wanted!

What has he done Where is he?
What is his offence?
I mean Hon Abass Ayodeji Aleshinloye!
Where is he hiding?
Do you know his whereabouts?
Where is he?
It is a breaking news
Ruling the wave and Commanding the ears lobes
If everyone in Ibadan
That the former Chairman of Oluyole Local Government, Oyo State, Hon Abass Ayodele Aleshinloye, a grandson of one of the past Olubadans whose reign witnessed immeasurable development, advancement, progress in western education, commerce foreign investment and collaboration with missionaries has been declared wanted and being sought after by a mass of people
It is the same Hon Abass Aleshinloye, a two-term occupier of the seat of Oluyole Local Government, Idi Ayunre, Ibadan, Oyo State whose tenure also witnessed tremendous development never noticed or planted in the local government areas before he is now being declared wanted by the same people who he has once served diligently and sincerely
Fortunately, the same Hon Abass Aleshinloye was the Chairman, Oyo ALGON under the late Gov Abiola Ajimobi, whose members were unconstitutionally removed by Governor Seyi Makinde, but who, in solid spirit, a rare exhibition of bravery and tenacity of purpose approached the court, unmindful of malicious at to his life, family and potent harassment from agents and privies of the state, fought the illegality of Gov Seyi Makinde and got justice at the Supreme Court for his members, the APC as a party and democracy.
The Oyo ALGON victory weaned by Hon Abass Aleshinloye at the Supreme Court against the sitting Governor Seyi Makinde of the PDP was the booster for APC as a party in the state.
The APC ALGON’s Supreme Court Victory spearheaded by Hon Abass Aleshinloye kindled and resuscitated the dying enthusiasm of members of APC in Oyo State who hitherto believed that the party’s fortune in the State was dead
The APC Oyo ALGON’s victory at the Supreme Court tore apart the looming invincibility of the PDP under a meticulous Governor Seyi Mankind
It is that singular victory that revived and revved the burning passion in APC members giving them hope that APC’s fortunes in Oyo State were not dead?
Unfortunately, the same Hon Abass Ayodeji Aleshinloye had an option to pick which street road to be constructed, between Ireakari Estate road where he lives of Ashipa Street in Oluyole. But stupidly picked that of Ashipa where he believed they need it most and where it will serve a greater purpose for the greater number of people
The fact is that people always forget themselves whenever they are fortunate to be in a position of authority.
Some of them always assumed too much and allowed folie de grandeur, the stupidity of greatness to rule their sense of responsibility.

They are always blind to reasonable cause whenever they are in power and always against the interest of the majority while pursuing a purely selfish interest
They are unaware that whatever they do in power will one day stand against them outside power
They have forgotten that their actions, inactions and deeds at power may create a room, pave the way or impede or impair further upward political progress and advancement
This is what is now rearing its head in Oluyole Local. Government and its constituent’s environment where the people have now declared Hon Abass Ayodeji Aleshinloye wanted alive
They are angry that Hon Abass Ayodeji Aleshinloye who served them diligently and sincerely is nowhere to be found now when all Dicks and Harry are pasting posters signifying interest to contest political positions
They are angry that there are no solid aspirants yet in town for certain political posts on the platform of APC
They are angry that the lady representing them in the House of Representatives now is not only unuseful but she has refused to be politically responsible and serviceable to the people who voted for her
They are angry that since his illegal removal as the Chairman, by Governor Makinde, Oluyole Local Area has not witnessed the expected development which was foisted on them when he was the Chairman
They are angry that some APC stalwarts who ran away and hid their faces, immediately Gov Makinde assumed power, when Hon Abass Ayodeji Aleshinloye and his team in ALGON were fighting for the soul of the party in Oyo state are now the ones junket about signifying interest to run for the post
They are angry that they have not seen the posters or read the body language of Hon Abass Ayodeji Aleshinloye indicating his interest to run
They argued that
He is young
He is competent
He is a thinker.
He is a man of people
He is a promise keeper
He delivers
He has good parentage and pedigree
He has a large number of followers
He has never been found wanting in any post of responsibility
He has the record of being the best Chairman of Oluyole Local Government
He is a selfless soul who always put the interest of the people above his
They want him to go and serve them at a higher post
Higher than that of Local Government Chairman where he performed excellently well
They believe for him to have done well at the grassroots, he will serve well at the State and Nation
They believe he will serve them. better in the State, Senate and House of Representatives
Thus, he has been popularly declared wanted to go and contest for a higher post having served honourably and creditably well as Chairman, Oluyole Local Government twice and the great leader and Chairman, Oyo APC ALGON who launched a legal battle against unjust removal of his members and secured a Supreme Court judgement against the Illegality of Governor Seyi Makinde.
So if you mistakenly see him or know where he is
Tell him
He has been declared wanted by his people.
To go and obtain a form
And contest
For he has the voters
He has a good record of performance
He is a leader.
Barka da Sallah
Wale Ojo – Lanre
Femi Johnson Chambers
Firm of Legal.Practitioners
Opposite Group Medical
Mokola, Ibadan,
Oyo State

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